People do not actually know  what an archeologist does in a digging area. I think they talk to our ancestors. They make connection between today and yesterday.

On an ordinary digging day, they wake up very early in the morning. Before the weather is too hot, they have to and need to work. After midday, they stop digging. So, how do they dig? Let’s have a look.

When they are going to the digging area,they take some tools like brush, trowel, sweeper, hoe, shovel, dentist tools, meter, pens, duster, notebook, camera, bags, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, etc. Why do they need them? Why don’t you go on reading?

Trowel: They use trowel to make the soil straight with its side. Also, it is used for taking soil example. Except these, it is useful to take bugs and put them away.

Sweep: This is a divine action for an archeolog. A digging day is started by sweep and the day is ended by sweep. At the end of the day, everywhere must be clean. If you wonder about what sweep means on the soil, you must be sure that sweep creates miracles. Experts of this action, archeologues, do not sweet randomly. In a digging area, to sweep has a definite technic way. To learn how to sweep is the first step of an archeology education. In a well-swept digging area, color differences and even lines can be seen clearly.

Digging: Archeologists decide where to dig according to lines and colors of soil which are swept well. Sometimes they need to pursue layers. And this is not only exciting but also difficult. Sift: This process lets archeologists find little and important objects like baby bones or beads. It is a really boring work because workers do not need to use mind to sift. They just sift.

Listing: Experts have to write down detailed all the things they find.  They do drawings, make measurements, take photographs, determine coordinates. Even color of the soil and materials in it are listed. I have heard that some archeologists taste the soil.

I have tried to explain a day of an archeologist. Thanks for reading..


Hello dear readers. My name is Alexandra May and I am a 29 year old female from New York. Actually, I’m from Massachusetts. But, I live in NY. I’m a teacher at a high school. Yes, you have read right. I’m not an archeologist. I’m crazy about it. It is my favourite hobby. Meeting an old object under the ground and touching it many years and centuries later is a miracle. It is like you are talking to the past. I love Ancient Egypt Civilization the most. So, if I write about Egypt too much, please forgive me and keep reading. See you soon.

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