Just 6 years ago, a tower made of human skulls was discovered in 2015 while a building was being restored in Mexico City. Mexico Institute of National Anthropology and History (INAH) has clarified 119 more skulls are unearthed. It is believed that this skull tower is a part of Huey Tzompantli.

Skulls are placed with sticks.

Aztecs lived in Middle Mexico until 16th century and they have spoken Nahuatl language. Aztec Empire fell down in 1521 when Spanish invaders led by Hernan Cortes conquered Tenochtitlan. The building which was similar to Huey Tzompantli frightened Spanish soldiers.

The tower has a cylindrical shape. It is close to Metropolitan Cathedral. This cathedral has been built on Templo Mayor which is one of basic temples of Tenochtitlan(today its name is Mexico City). Mexico Minister of Culture Alejandro Frausto says Templo Mayor continues  surprising  them and Huey Tzomoantli is one of the most charming findings in last days in their country.

Skull tower has a round shape. Image Credit: The Daily Star

Skulls in the tower belongs to men, women and even children. This has created questions about human sacrifice. Archeaologist Raul Barrera says they don’t know how many of the skulls belong to warriors, maybe some of them have been sacrificed.

The skulls were discovered 3,5 meters under the ground. This kind of skull shelves named Tzompantli, has been displayed on wooden sticks which have been struck into both sides of skulls. And skulls have been struck by a kind of mixture.

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