When we look at world history, we see people have had really scary and unbelievable times. Some findings taken from diggings are charming while some of them are scary, weird, and don’t need to be thought. There are 6 here which are weird for me. I want to warn you, probably your blood runs cold.

1.Cannibalism attack: In 2010, a group of researchers in Spain discovered a neanderthal family had been suffered from cannibalism. It sounds like it is a horror movie. There are eating and chewing signs on the bones of 3 men, 3 women, 3 teenage, and 1 newborn. This is a very bad way to die.

2.Burned child corpse: In Alaska, approximately a 3-years-old burned child is uncovered. Experts says it is 11500 years old and they think it has been burned in fireplace of a home. In the area, they have found a few more things in the same way. And results do not allow another explanation.

3.Vikings without head: In Dorset County, England, rail workers has encountered mass human bones. The bones have been analyzed and researchers have determined that these bones belong to burned Viking warriors without heads. The cutting marks on their necks show that they have been cut consciously. These Vikings must have been executed with sharp objects, probably they had no time to understand what was going on. This hypothesis explains why there is no skull in the mass grave. Oxford Archaeology has made diggings.

4. Venice Vampire: In the past, people have been afraid of dead ones would return to life as vampires. So, some people has burned dead bodies, some has buried them procumbent, and some has put brick into their mouth. This skeleton with a brick in its mouth has been discovered in a large grave in Venice. So, it wouldn’t suck blood if it returned to life.

5.A victimized Man: In Britain, uncovering a well-preserved mummy has made archaeologists very excited. The mummy’s or “Grauballe Man’s” hair and even nails are undamaged. Analysis and embalmment technique show it is a victimized religious offering. There is an enwrapped wound on the neck and this means a better and more fertile harvest season.

6.Pierced Skulls: 8000-years-old skulls and residues have been discovered in a dried lakebed in Motala, Sweeden. The interesting side is that the skulls have been pierced by thick sticks and objects. One skull has been compressed into another one. This action makes it more terrible.

These are 6 interesting archaeological discoveries here. They affects and surprises me. Maybe you, too. Thanks for reading.


Hello dear readers. My name is Alexandra May and I am a 29 year old female from New York. Actually, I’m from Massachusetts. But, I live in NY. I’m a teacher at a high school. Yes, you have read right. I’m not an archeologist. I’m crazy about it. It is my favourite hobby. Meeting an old object under the ground and touching it many years and centuries later is a miracle. It is like you are talking to the past. I love Ancient Egypt Civilization the most. So, if I write about Egypt too much, please forgive me and keep reading. See you soon.

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