Stonehenge is a gorgeous ancient place in England. But its mystery is not understood completely. Last news from Stonehenge excites me and I want to share.

Archaeologists have found the source of stones which creates Stonehenge. Last research shows that huge stones has been parts of a round construction takes place another area. They have been carried for 300 kilometers and brought to Stonehenge.


Stonehenge preserves its mystery and it is no doubt among the most interesting ancient constructions. There are still lots of questions need to be answered about this round construction which is created by huge stones coming together. Archaeologists continue to study for answering these questions.

There are two types of stone here. The inner part of the round-shaped building is made of one of these two types and they have been taken down and brought here from Waun Mawn.

Waun Mawn Image

The history of Waun Mawn is older than Stonehenge’s.

Waun Mawn and Stonehenge have lots of common ground. But the first one is older than the second one. There are huge steloes which weighs tons in Waun Mawn like Stonehenge. But just a few parts of these steleos still exist in the area unlike Stonehenge. Other common ground is that diameters of both circles (in Waun Mawn and Stonehenge) are nearly 110 meters. And the stones of both Waun Mawn and Stonehenge have been located up to sun movement. Except these similarities, some stones in Stonehenge completely match the measurements of marks in Waun Mawn.

Waun Mawn Image

Maybe Waun Mawn is not the only source.

The leader of the research team, Mike Parker Pearson, says that the source of stones in Stonehenge isn’t Waun Mawn alone. He thinks that they will discover new circles where the stones have been brought from.

Why was Stonehenge built? Why were the stones brought from miles away? Answers of these questions aren’t still certain. It is thought that most of questions about Stonehenge will never be answered. Thanks for reading.


Hello dear readers. My name is Alexandra May and I am a 29 year old female from New York. Actually, I’m from Massachusetts. But, I live in NY. I’m a teacher at a high school. Yes, you have read right. I’m not an archeologist. I’m crazy about it. It is my favourite hobby. Meeting an old object under the ground and touching it many years and centuries later is a miracle. It is like you are talking to the past. I love Ancient Egypt Civilization the most. So, if I write about Egypt too much, please forgive me and keep reading. See you soon.

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