Stone tools spread on the ocean bottom in Australia indicate the oldest archaeological underwater area of the continent. The country has a 65000 year old human history. But most of its archaeological region are under the ocean. Archaeologists has discovered 7000 year old area and they think this discovery shows Aborigin works can be preserved in the open sea. At the end of Ice Age, nearly 12000 years ago, water submerged two-thirds of settlement area when glaciers melted and sea level rose.

Flinders University Underwater Archaeology Professor Jonathan Benjamin is the leader of the team. He and his team are searching underwater areas in Murujuga as a part of the project “Deep History of Sea Country”. This arid and stony coastal region is located in north-west of Australia. At the beginning of the research, the team used Light Detection and Ranging planes and radar boats but they had nothing. Last year, divers used scuba-diving equipments for searching targets. Cape Bruguieres Canal has changed the period. While Flinders University doctoral student Chelsea Wiseman was swimming here, her collegue John McCarthy found and showed her a tool made of volcanic rock. Then they found a few more.

The team has found totally 269 stone works in Cape Bruguieres Canal. They were burried 2.44 meters deep. Some tools seem like designed for digging, cutting, and hammering. According to carbon-14 dating, researchers think the tools are 7000 years old. The team also talks about a region of freshwater spring named Flying Foam Passage.

Although underwater archaeology has focused on naufrages for a long time, there is a rising relevance for ancient sunk regions for last years. There is a really large area underwater waiting to be discovered. Thanks for reading.


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