Easter island is in south of Pacific Ocean and it is an island of Chile. The island is famous for Moai statues carving volcanic tuff and rock. Easter Island houses a deep culture and history especially with Moai statues. And it is full of treasures waiting to be discovered. The island’s original name is Rapa Nui.

Rapa Nui is a triangle-shaped, small island. There are three volcanoes on each edges of the island. Poike, Rona Raruka, and Maunga Terevaka volcanoes are a basis for stone constructions and famous Moai statues.

The statues are spread all over the island and there are more than a thousand. They are really huge. Rapa Nui is also the name of Polynesian local people who are thought as the builders of these statues. Some researchers believe that these statues have been made to commemorate dead ones as monuments.

Why is the name of the island Easter? Because, the first European person who has reached to the island is Jacob Roggeveen from the Netherlands and he has reached here on Easter eve. Easter Island is still source of inspiration with its nature, warm climate, local culture, and traditions.

The most attractive findings in the island are of course statues. The tallest is 10 meters height. The heaviest is 86 tons weight and uncompleted. If it could be completed, it would weigh supposedly more than 100 tons.

Ahu Tongariki

Ahu Tongariki is an area which is in the West of the island. Here is the largest area of the statues in the island. 15 closely packed Moai statues welcome visitors and they turn their backs on the ocean. These statues here are special because they are shaped as whole bodies not just the heads.

Ahu Akivi is another point to view the statues. Unlike Ahu Tongariki, the statues here turn their faces to the ocean. The reason of their position is unknown for now.

You can enjoy Rapa Nui in every seasons. Except archaeological beauties, there are festivals, water sports, camps here. Thanks for reading.


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