Colosseum is basically an archaeological construction which leads the most important historical and touristic places of Rome. 2 thousand year old Colosseum has been worn in time and some of its parts has been ruined and deformed. Inspite of these deformations, Colosseum still preserves its magnificence. If you visit here one day, close your eyes and listen. You can imagine tens of thousands of spectators shouting and screaming, gladiator fights, wild animals attacking and killing.

Rome’s huge arena hosted not only gladiator fight but also executions, theatre plays, shows, and even celebrations. Colosseum has an 80 arched entrance and it has capacity of 55 thousand spestators. It is 188 meters length, 156 meters wide, 49 meters height and ellipsoidal. Although Colosseum is actually an arena, it takes this special name from Empiror Neron’s statue named “Colossus”.

Outer walls of Colosseum

I want to mention about outer walls of Colosseum. South wall is totally deformed. Also, in the Renaissance period, people took the stones of outer wall and they used these stones for constructions of bridges, palace, and the Basilica of St. Peter’s. North wall still rises with four-storey arches. Each floors of these arches are made of different materials. The columns on first floor are Tuscan-Doric, the second floor’s are Ionic, and the last floor’s are Corinth.

Interior structure of Colosseum

The arena is perhaps the most exciting part of Colosseum. The seats were numbered. Roman people of that era could enter inside with numbered tickets. Tickets were categorized as cheap and expensive according to locations of seats. On the floor, there were a mechanism to pull aminals into the pitch. But we cannot see the mechanism today.

Underground construction of Colosseum-large corridors

The underground construction of Colosseum is interesting. There are gates and large corridors to reach underground. Animals, gladiator slaves, and criminals were kept here. There were cages and mechanisms to move them up and down like a lift.

Underground construction of Colosseum

Colosseum is an important archaeological treasure in Italy. If you want to learn two more archaeological treasures in Italy, please read Pompeii and Naples Sotterranea. Thanks for reading.


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