Hampi is a historical treasure and ancient city of Karnataka, one of southern states of India. There are more than 1600 ruins, historical works and constructions in this region. The city was settled near the Tungabhadra River in 3rd century BC at Mauryan Dynasty age. Then it became the capital of Vijayanagara Empire. Vijayanagara Empire constructed lots of temples, palaces, etc. Around Hampi because its administrators were interested in art and architecture. There are also ancient figures on the rocks around. The city is also a hermitage with its nature and silence, it gives peace.

Lotus Mahal

The old name of Hampi is Pampa. This is also the name of Brahma’s daughter. Pampa falls in love with Lord Shiva and they get married. Gods send gold from the sky for their wedding. The gold falls to Hemakuta Hill in Hampi. This is one of the stories about Hampi.

Vittala Temples

Virupaksha Temple is the leading place to be seen in Hampi. This is the only active temple of the region. It is one of the oldest buildings and its construction is dated to 7th century. There are lots of carving figures on it. It is rich architecturally.

Stone Chariot

Hampi Bazaar Street is the busiest central area. The street starts from Virupaksha Temple in the West and lasts for one kilometer with colorful traditional stuff and handmade objects along. Two-wheeled chariot made of stone is the most exciting piece of Vittala Temples. It has become one of the symbols of Hampi in time.


Hampi is really a city of temples and ruins. There are lots of temples on the right and left of Bazaar Street. There is Hebdomon which hosted eleven elephants in empire period. There are also ruins near the river and bawdi. Queen’s Bathhouse is a masterpiece of Vijayanagara Empire.

Paddy field

You can also visit Archaeology Museum, Hippie Island, and paddy fields in Hampi. Thanks for reading.


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