Kutna Hora was the second largest city of the Czech Republic in the past. This Mediaval Age city is full of silver mines and in Bohemia region. There is such a historical construction here that it is not only impressive but also scary. This place is Sedlec Ossuary or Bone Church. You can estimate that the church is decorated using countless bones. Moreover, the bones belong to human beings.

Sedlec Ossuary Entrance Image credit:Wikipedia

It is really hard to understand why people did such a horrible thing. But, when you read the story, you will not ask the same question again.

Chandelier made of bones and skulls Image credit:Wikipedia

There stands history behind the scary scene of the church. The story begins in 1278. The high priest of monastery in Kutna Hora went to Jerusalem. When he came back, he brought soil from Golgotha. Some people who heard about the divine soil wanted to be buried in Sedlec. The number of people who wanted to be buried in Sedlec increased in time. Old people also came to Sedlec to spend their last days. With plague epidemic, the number of deaths increased more. In 15th century when there was no more space in Sedlec Cemetery, a church construction began near it. There was a space in the basement of the church to collect bones. A blind monk placed the bones and the bones stayed here for centuries. Then in 1870 a lapidarist Frantisek Rint placed the bones again. Sedlec Church has taken its final form after Rint.

Signature of F. Rint written with bones Image credit:Wikipedia

It is inevitable to feel weird in the church. There are bones of nearly sixty thousand people and they are designed with an interesting sense of aesthetics. Every side of the church is impressive. A chandelier and a shield made of bones and skulls are in the middle of the church.

Religion affects people’s lifestyles throughout history. Sedlec Ossuary is an evidence of this. We may believe in a creator or not, we all respect each other. Thanks for reading.


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