Scientists have discovered the most surprising archaeological place in the middle of a lake surrounded by high mountains in 1891. Por Bazhyn means The Clay House in English and it is nearly 1300 years old. This old construction covers most of the island on which it exists. The construction is a kind of labyrinth which consists 30 buildings. The walls of the construction is 30 kms away from the border of Mongolia.

Archaeologists discovered the island more than a hundred years ago. They have been trying to understand who built it and why it was built since the discovery. At the beginning, researchers thought that Por Bazhyn was an ancient castle of Uyghur Empire. Uyghurs were nomades and reigned the South Siberia and Mongolia between the years 742 and 848.

3-D reconstruction drawing of Por-Bazhyn based on excavation results 2007/8 (by R.A. Vafeev) Image credit:Wikipedia

The construction was built in Chinese architectural style of that age. There were other hypotheses about builders because the construction was out of trade routes and other settlements. Maybe this work was a monastry, a summer house, a monument for a statesman, or an observatory to observe stars. On Selenge Inscriptions, it was written that “I founded here to arrange my army when fall came.”. So, old people might have founded here for military aims.

Archaeologists unearthed just a few works. But, there were strong evidences that there was a buddhist monastry in the middle of the construction. It was clear that this complex was well-used. Archaeologists’ findings showed that fires broke out as a result of eartquakes and damaged some parts of the original area. They were sure about that the fire broke out after people had left the island due to unknown reasons.

Researchers have not completely solved the mystery of Por Bazhyn Island yet. Excavation work in the area is still continuing. Thank you for reading.


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