Tiwanaku Ancient City in Bolivia

Tiwanaku is one of the oldest and highest city built till today. It is located near La Paz city of Bolivia and near Lake Titicaca. It is four thousand meters height and 4000 years old. It is not still clear how it was founded and who founded this city. But it is clear that Tiwanaku was by the lake shore once upon a time. Ruins around the small and old town prove what an important settlement it was in the past.

Lake Titicaca

Akapana is a huge frustum-pyramid in the south of the town. It was covered with soil and archaeologists don’t know the reason. It might have been covered on purpose. Archaeologists dug Akapana and they unearthed stone walls. But unfortunately, excavation doesn’t continue.

Semi-underground temple and in the background the Kalasasaya Temple. Image Credit:Wikipedia

Kalasasaya is another important ruin here and it is next to Akapana. It is a World Heritage Site. It is a mound surrounded by stone walls and it is 120 to 130 meters wide. The stones on the walls are carved like human heads. There are lots of stone statues inside. On the north side, there is Sun Gate which is 3 meters to 4 meters wide. A secret epigraphy dedicated to Viracocha, divine god of Incas, takes place at the top of the gate.

Sun Gate Image credit:Wikipedia

Puma Punku is an old temple ruin. It is in the north of the town. There is a mass of stone blocks and statues here. The placement of ruins show that the old town was between Puma Punku and Kalasasaya. Moon Gate, Kheri Kala, Putuni Walls and Underground Temple are other archaeological constructions of Tiwanaku. Historical Tiwanaku city was a religious and managerial center of pre-columbian era.

Moon Gate Image credit:Wikipedia

Tiwanaku is one of the most important civilizations before Inca Empire. It is a really important milestone for Latin American culture and history. Thank you for reading.

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