Tower of Babel belongs to Sumerians which is the oldest civilization known. They lived between 4000 BC and 2000 BC in the south of Iraq. Babel city was founded in 90 kms south of Baghdad city between Euphrates and Tigris rivers. These two rivers are vital points of Mesopotamia. Babel city was so large that it is one of the largest metropoles of primeval era.

Tower of Babel was a kind of temple and it was the biggest in Babel. Sumerians built the tower and dedicated to Marduk who was the chief god of Babel. So, they named it the Mount of God. Sumerians adored highs. Because of this, they built their temples on hills which were artificial. Tower of Babel also represented the sacred tree which tied the earth to the sky. The word “Babel” in Sumerian language means “The Gate of God”. Sumerian tribes came together and constructed the tower as a ladder to the sky to reach gods.

A Sumerian cuneiform tablet-Representative image

A German archaeologist uncovered a cuneiform tablet in 1875 and thanks to the tablet archaeologists know certain sizes of the tower. At first, the tower was constructed as a seven-storey building with 90 meters wide and 90 meters height. The first floor used to symbolize stone, the second one used to symbolize fire, the third one used to symbolize plants, the fourth one used to symbolize animals, the fifth one used to symbolize humans, the sixth one used to symbolize sky, the seventh one used to symbolize angels. The top floor was a temple designed for Marduk.

After a man got all the stairs one by one, he would reach Marduk. According to their belief, Marduk used to show himself just there. But, ordinary mortals wouldn’t be able to face his appearance. So, common people could reach just the first floor. Only priests could reach next floors. At the seventh floor, there was an eating bed with a golden covered table. Because gods and nobles used to eat their meal laying not sitting. The most beautiful girl of the city used to be ready there to serve Marduk when he came.

The story of The Tower of Babel isn’t finished yet. Tomorrow I am going to keep writing about it and give you more interesting information. Thank you for reading.


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