Skara Brae is a neolithic settlement made of stone and it is located in the west coast of Mainland, the biggest island of Orkney in Scotland. Its history is older than pharaohs’. Skara Brae was buried in sand hill for years. But it appeared again in 1850 thanks to a storm. The village is like a simulation of life nearly five thousand years ago. In this prehistoric village, stone furnitures, beds, and clothes were waiting to be discovered under sand unperishably. This ancient place is a window to neolithic age.

Home furnishings Image credit:Wikipedia

Skara Brae is discovered by chance. During the storm, wind was so powerful that it made sand, soil, and plants flown on the ancient village. Then, archaeologists uncovered ruins. Between the years 3200 BC and 2200 BC, people were breathing in Skara Brae. There are low gateways in the village and there are eight houses which are connected to each other. Houses are made of stone and each has just one room.

Skara Brae from the entrance gate Image credit:Wikipedia

Skara Brae is the most important archaeological finding in Scotland. Because it is the most well-preserved neolithic village of North Europe. It enlightens us on the way of living of neolithic age societies. The settlement is in a perfect situation. Even the furnitures are still in the houses. Crops and bones found in the area show that people lived here were farmers, they used to grow crops like barley, they used to feed sheep and cows to cultivate. The tools found here show that people had to hunt fish and animals to eat. Handmade bowls and jewellery show that inmates were skilled craftspeople. They were really peaceful.

After Skara Brae was abondoned, sea became closer to the village. Although seawall preserves the ancient village, sea level rise threatens it. Scotch government makes projects to carry historical Skara Brae into future. Thank you for reading.


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