Parthenon is one of the most important archaeological constructions of Athens, Greece. It is a masterwork of ancient Greek architecture. It is the divinest monument of Athens city. The temple is 156 meters height and it is on the south side of the acropolis. The temple was constructed between 477 and 432 and it is made of marble. It survived from natural disasters for hundreds of years. And it became the symbol of Athens culture.

The columns of Parthenon

The temple stands on the top of Parthenon Athens Acropolis. It was an important religious center of that age and it was didicated to goddess Athena of Greek civilization famous for mythology. The temple was representing Athens’ culture and wealth gorgeously. In Greek history, Parthenon Temple is the biggest one constructed until today. Iknitos and Kallikratis designed the temple and sculpturer Pheidias controlled it.

Perfect statues of Parthenon

There are 8 columns in front of the temple and there are 17 columns next to it. 22 thousand tons of marble were used and the special marble’s name is Panthelic. Panthelic marble had a pure White color but it became honey-coloured at length because of oxidation. The gates of the temple is decorated bronze, tusk, and gold coloured decorations worthily. Cedar and marble tiles were used inside the temple and there are also lion’s head taps which represent power.

There are 14 statues in Parthenon and they represent powerful and warrior gods. Most of the statues are blue, red, and golden. The statue of Athena is the most significant statue in the temple no doubt. Parthenon is also known as Temple of Athena and built at the era of Perikles, famous Greek statesman. Athena was the god of was, wisdom, literature and art. So, every detail in the building fits to all her feature. It is not a coincidence that Parthenon is still the symbol of democracy. Thank you for reading.


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