Timgad is a Roman ancient city in Batna, Algeria. Romans were powerful at that age and they had expansionist policy based on colonization. Before Romans, only local tribes were living here. Because of geographical conditions, living conditions, and ethnic features, Batna people were unpermissive. So, Romans couldn’t affect them and changed their policy. They decided to found a new city here in 100 AC. Trajan was the empiror of Rome.

Ruins of Timgad streets

Romans constructed a real Roman city here which had every feature of a Roman city. The city was square and had perfect streets, library, hammams, houses, etc. The city was so beautiful on barren land that indigenous people and traders envied it. Romans utilized it and they announced that everybody who joined the legion for 25 years would gain the right of being Roman citizen. So, everybody joined the legion. Roman domination began equably.

Romans practiced principle of equality. Retired Roman soldiers and new Roman citizens shared the land. Assimilation plan extremely worked. This practise lasted for a long time until unfair distribution of income started in 3rd century. Increasing annoyance and riots caused decrease of Roman influence at the end of 4th century. Roman Empire collapsed in 476 and Arabic tribes demolished Timgad.

Timgad was lucky because of being near desert. Ancient city was buried into sand and there was no life here for a thousand years. Then, James Bruce, a traveler, saw a part of ruins among sand in 1765. Excavations started in 1881. Unlike other Roman cities, there were columns along both two sides of the streets. There was a public library here which was as important as the libraries of Alexandria and Celsus in Ephesus.

The theatre in Timgad

Forum was the assembly area of people and many social events used to take place in forum. On the south of forum, there was a theatre near a hill. Public toilet was luxurious and there were both fresh water canals and waste pipes. Hammam had warm and cold parts. Gate of Trajan is another attractive archaeological work in Timgad. There is also a museum here where the findings like statues, columns, mosaics take place. Thank you for reading.


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