Potbelly Hill is located in a village of Sanliurfa city in Turkey. It is the construction of neolithic age. In 1963, archaeologists from University of Istanbul and University of Chicago researched the area, but they did not dwell on the study. Then, in 1983 the owner of the area Mahmut Kilic found an intaglio while he was plowing his field. He took it to the museum. The authorities of the museum accepted the intaglio as an ordinary archaeological finding and they displayed it in the museum.

The major studies on unearthing the constructions began in 1995. Excavations started under the consultancy of Professor Klaus Schmidt. Then, he became the site director in 2007. Potbelly Hill is 7500 years older than the oldest known temple of the world. Researches show that it is the first place where wheat was grown.

Archaeologists detected twenty structures in Potbelly Hill and they uncovered only six of them. There are two hundred more steloes under soil. On the columns and steloes there are reliefs of animals like leopard, boar, scorpion, stork, fox, gazelle, and sneak. Experts agree that the reliefs of Potbelly Hill are the oldest three dimensional reliefs on the earth.

The most popular structures of Potbelly Hill are tee-shaped columns. There is no face or expression on the columns, but there are carvings like hands and fingers on them. If Potbelly Hill is a temple, these tee-shaped columns might be figures of god. If you want to have an online tour, please click.

Potbelly Hill might be a temple or a shelter. There is no certain evidence about it. But the most common idea is that Potbelly Hill was a religious center once. Archaeologists don’t know how people could design, carry, and put the huge columns 12000 years ago. There were no tools except for primitive hand tools in that age. Excavations and researches continue. When all questions find answers, history of humanity will be written again. Thank you for reading.


Hello dear readers. My name is Alexandra May and I am a 29 year old female from New York. Actually, I’m from Massachusetts. But, I live in NY. I’m a teacher at a high school. Yes, you have read right. I’m not an archeologist. I’m crazy about it. It is my favourite hobby. Meeting an old object under the ground and touching it many years and centuries later is a miracle. It is like you are talking to the past. I love Ancient Egypt Civilization the most. So, if I write about Egypt too much, please forgive me and keep reading. See you soon.

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